Rodent and Wildlife Control Carson City, NV

Help protect your family from the hazards rodents, and other untamed animals pose. To assist you in finally getting rid of them, we are here. Our business has been working to eradicate these unwanted pests for many years, and we have the expertise and equipment. Let us help you determine the best rodent and wildlife control Carson City NV strategy on your property.

About Us

In addition to being a locally owned and run pest control business, HiLow Services is also an active Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business member. We provide a comprehensive suite of effective pest control services to rid your home or company of unwanted visitors. We’ve been offering these kinds of services to locals for a long time, so you know you can count on us to solve your issue. When HiLow Services is on the job, you can breathe easy knowing everything will be handled properly.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive rodent control Carson City NV services, covering every step from inspection to elimination. Our all-encompassing pest control services will restore your peace of mind in your own house.

Professional Wildlife Control Service

We have an animal management system in place. Protect your house and family from raccoons, skunks, bats, squirrels, mice, and more with help from a Carson City NV extermination service. With your permission, we will gently remove them from your property and find them a new, safer home.

Expert Rodent Control

If you’re having rodent problems in your home or company, we can help. One of our expert techs will happily advise you on how to proceed. When you hire us for rodent control Carson City NV, we’ll work with you to create an approach that’s just right for you and your home.

Safe and Continuous Prevention

We don’t believe in a “one and done” approach, so we provide ongoing preventative services to free your home or workplace from pests. We’ll help you figure out what pest issues you might have, devise a plan to stop them in their tracks, and keep an eye out for new infestation indicators.

Our Process

Once we’ve set up a meeting with you, we’ll do a few things, including:
Step 1
Step 1


We will inspect your home for current pest problems and entry spots that pests could use.

Step 2
Step 2


Our technicians will apply our special treatment solutions using innovative techniques, ensuring that your home is completely covered.

Step 3
Step 3


We will deliver a comprehensive report outlining our results and offering suggestions for avoiding similar problems in the future.

Step 4
Step 4


After your treatment, we’ll check in to ensure everything is going well. If you aren’t satisfied, we will make the necessary changes.

Why Choose Us

We promise our clients the highest quality of support here at HiLow Services. Here is how we define quality treatment at our facility:

Low Cost

Our rates are low in comparison to the market. We don’t think anyone should have to break the bank on pest management, so we keep our rates low.


Both you and the planet can suffer if pests become an issue. For this reason, we employ non-invasive strategies for controlling bugs. Some substances could be dangerous to you and your loved ones, and we don’t want that to happen.


We take immense satisfaction in knowing that our clients consistently praise us for our competence, courtesy, and speed. When our technicians finish their job, they always do it quickly and leave the area tidy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people get sick from being exposed to rodent waste?
Rodents’ waste and urine have been linked to the illnesses of many humans. If you are concerned that exposure to rodent poop or urine is endangering your health, it is recommended to speak with a doctor.

What is the ideal rodent bait?
It’s a common misconception that cheese makes an excellent rodent or rat bait. The best lure is peanut butter. It is essential to spread the peanut butter in just the right spot on the trap.

What should I do if I return home to find a rodent?
Keep all of your food in airtight containers. If you see one rodent, there are undoubtedly more nearby. The problem must be fixed before the infection gets worse.

Little-Known Things About Carson City, Nevada
Carson City serves as both the nation’s center and a self-governing municipality. The city is a significant transit hub and a well-liked vacation spot. It’s an important commercial hub for the region’s mines, ranches, and farmland. The location of modern-day Carson City was once a major thoroughfare for pioneers heading west to California. In 1851, it became the location of a trading station. In 1858 the metropolis proper got its start.