Pest Control Carson City, NV

Don’t let pests make your home unhealthy and uncomfortable. HiLow Services is here to help you take back control of your property. Whether you have a serious infestation or just need routine preventative measures, our pest control Carson City NV experts will help you eliminate those annoying critters once and for all!

About Us

HiLow Services is a locally owned and operated pest control company. We are a proud Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business member and have been serving the community with the highest level of service possible. We pride ourselves on being family-friendly and treating our employees and customers with respect and compassion. Our team of certified technicians are experts in pest control and can help you eliminate any unwanted pests in your home or business.

Our Services

We offer various pest control Carson City NV services to fit any budget.
We offer residential and commercial services, and our technicians are
certified for every aspect of the job.

Comprehensive Extermination Services

Our technicians will perform a complete inspection and treatment of your property using the most advanced technology available. We will identify the type of pests and develop a customized plan to eliminate them.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Our preventative maintenance programs protect your home or business against pests. We provide you with a customized plan to help keep pests out while saving you money in the long run!

Environment-Friendly Techniques

We’re committed to protecting the environment and using safe, non-toxic products that will not harm you or your family. Our technicians are trained in the most current pest management methods, including green techniques.

Our Treatment Process

Once you schedule an appointment with us, our team will come to
your home and complete the following steps:
Step 1
Step 1


We will thoroughly inspect your property, looking for signs of pests or damage from them.

Step 2
Step 2


Next, we will treat your home using safe, non-toxic products that are effective against all types of pests.

Step 3
Step 3


After completing our work, we’ll give you a report of the process and treatment performed. We’ll also offer advice on how to prevent future problems with pests.

Step 4
Step 4


We will offer a follow-up service to ensure your home stays pest-free.

Why Choose Us

At HiLow Services, we’re proud of our reputation for providing exceptional pest control Carson City NV services to our customers. With us, you can enjoy the following:

Affordable Services

We strive to keep our services affordable, so you can enjoy peace of mind without breaking the bank. We’ll also take care of your pest problem promptly so that you can enjoy peace of mind again.

Certified Technicians

Our technicians are certified and have undergone extensive training to ensure they know how to handle all types of pests, including rodents.

Friendly Customer Service

We truly understand that you have a lot on your plate, so we strive to make our customer service as friendly and efficient as possible. We’ll always be there to answer any questions and ensure you’re happy with our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pest control really necessary?
Yes, pest control is very important. Pests are harmful to your property and can cause serious health problems in pets and humans. It’s best to have a professional exterminator handle the problem before it becomes unmanageable.

How often do I need to get pest control?
It depends on the type of pests you have and how long they’ve been there. Some pests can be eradicated quickly, while others may take several treatments over a longer period.

How do I know what kind of pests are in my home?
Pest control professionals have experience with all types of pests. They’ll be able to tell what kind of pest is causing the problem based on their appearance and behavior.

Little-Known Things About Carson City, Nevada
Carson City is a completely independent city that also serves as the capital of Nevada. Eagle Valley is where most of the city proper is located. The area honors the life of mountaineer Kit Carson with its moniker. The town started as a stopover for California-bound immigrants but grew into an industrial city when the Comstock Lode—a silver strike in the mountains to its northeast—was discovered. The Nevada State Museum and the Nevada State Railroad Museum, both located in Carson City, feature some of the state’s most interesting and historically significant artifacts.