How Reno’s Record Amount Of Moisture Has Effected Weed And Vegetation

When the snow melts, an unusually high amount of moisture may cause a record number of weed seeds to sprout—weeds that have lain dormant for fifty years. This is especially true in Reno, which has experienced a record amount of moisture this year. And while that may sound like good news for people who want lush, green lawns, it’s actually bad news for homeowners. It means weeds are sprouting in numbers and will be harder to control than ever.

Now is the time to apply pre-emergent weed and vegetation control. This product stops new seedlings from growing by acting as a “birth control” on any tiny seeds that may have landed on your lawn or garden bed. Although pre-emergent herbicides are not meant to target non-weeds, they can stop other plants from germinating if applied at the wrong time of year. So knowing when is critical for using them correctly.

How Does A Pre-Emergent Herbicide Work?

A pre-emergent herbicide is a type of herbicide used for weed control and lawn health. Pre-emergents kill weed seeds before they germinate by producing a soil barrier preventing new seedlings from germinating. Many of them also include fertilizer to keep your lawn happy and healthy.

Pre-emergents can be used to control various grass and broadleaf weeds. They will last about three months in your soil and are simple to apply seasonally to combat the multiple weeds that grow throughout the year.

The Solution: Hire a Professional Weed Control Service

Professionals can stop weeds from growing in your yard.

A weed control professional can apply a pre-emergent solution to prevent weeds from germinating. These products target weed seeds in the soil and stop them from growing. A pre-emergent weed control solution can save your lawn from the tedious seasonal battle against weeds.

Professionals help keep your lawn healthy and attractive.

A professional lawn care service can help prevent weeds and potentially toxic plants from growing in your yard. This increases the amount of organic matter in the soil, which promotes growth among healthy, lively plants—and strengthens their immune systems against invading weeds.

Professionals utilize the best product for your lawn.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Professional weed professionals will evaluate your property and carefully observe the specific characteristics of your land. With their understanding, they can choose the best spray for their lawn to prevent weeds while not harming attractive plants.

Professionals can advise you on how to keep your lawn weed-free.

Local specialists know best how to keep your yard healthy and weed-free. They can advise on the best length to mow your grass so as not to encourage weeds. They may also educate you about how much water is necessary for healthy plants and shrubs, among other recommendations regarding yard maintenance.

Next Step: Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides

Weeds are some of the most resilient plants, and eliminating them from your yard can be difficult. Pre-emergent herbicides keep weeds at bay, whereas post-emergent herbicides work on already developed weeds.

Post-emergent herbicides, unlike pre-emergents, are not required to be sprayed during a specified season. When you notice dandelions, crabgrass, or other weeds in your yard, use post-emergent herbicides.

Final Thoughts

It’s the perfect storm for weed growth in Reno, NV: Extra moisture, lots of sunshine, and warm temperatures. And if you don’t get out there and do something about it, you could be looking at a severe weed problem.

Think of pre- and post-emergent herbicides as a one-two punch for weed control in your yard. With the dual action of these herbicides, you can efficiently eliminate most weeds that might detract from your lush green grass.

Applying pre- and post-emergent herbicides can be a simple task for homeowners, but if you don’t have the time or are concerned about using them correctly—don’t worry! HiLow Services is here to help. We’re local experts in Reno and would love to assist with your weed control needs. Call today to schedule an appointment.