How Do Exterminators Get Rid of Rodents?

As a homeowner, you definitely don’t want a pest infestation, especially rodents. Mice and rats carry diseases, contaminate food, and cause property damage. To avoid destruction, it’s crucial to contact an exterminator ASAP. But what exactly do exterminators do? In this blog post, we’ll explore how they get rid of rodents for good.

Methods Used by Exterminators to Eliminate Rodents

Rodent Inspection

The exterminator will inspect your home to find where rodents are entering. They’ll search for nests, food sources, and access points like wall cracks or pipe gaps. Once they’ve identified the infestation, they’ll create an extermination plan.

Trapping and Baiting

Exterminators commonly use trapping and baiting methods to eliminate rodents. Different traps and baits are utilized based on the type and severity of the infestation. Traps include snap traps, live traps, glue boards, while bait stations enhance attraction.


Exclusion involves sealing off entry points and making the premises rodent-proof to prevent future infestations. The entry points are usually tiny holes and gaps that provide rodents access to the house. Sealing these entry points with appropriate materials would prevent further infestations.

Chemical Control

Chemical control is another effective method used by exterminators to get rid of rodents. Rodenticides are used to poison the rodents. The use of rodenticides is a sensitive matter and requires proper handling and placement. Hiring a professional to handle rodenticides is recommended as they contain toxic substances that can be harmful to pets and children.


After successfully eliminating the rodents, the exterminator’s attention will shift to thwarting future infestations. This crucial step will spare you from enduring any rodent issues down the line. The exterminator will identify areas that need to be sealed, install barriers such as screens over ventilation gaps, and implement measures to discourage rodents from returning, such as removing food sources.

Clean up and Sanitation

After the extermination and prevention steps have been completed, the exterminator will then conduct a clean-up and sanitation process. This step involves removing any dead rodents, disinfecting the affected areas to prevent the spread of diseases, and repairing any damages caused by the rodents.

Ongoing Management

Finally, to maintain pest-free living, the exterminator will establish a consistent monitoring system to ensure that rodents don’t reappear. This includes regular inspections and treatments to keep the rodent population under control.

Rodent Infestation Control: The Complete Process and Best Solution

The process of eradicating rodents involves inspections, extermination, prevention, clean-up, and ongoing management. By consulting with a professional exterminator, you can have the situation thoroughly evaluated, necessary measures identified, and expert advice given to prevent future infestations. Engaging an exterminator is the optimal approach for effectively controlling rodent infestations, guaranteeing a pest-free, pristine, and secure living environment.

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