How Business Relocations to Reno Have Increased Rodent Activity And How to Avoid Rodents in Your Home

Rats, mice, and other rodents have only recently become a problem in Reno because of an influx of new businesses and residents who relocated to this area from the bay within the past five years.

The presence of rodents during construction is a common complaint among city residents. Some suburban towns and subdivisions have begun to experience rat infestations, likely a result of migration from high-density urban areas into these new locations as the suburbs’ infrastructures mature. Some metropolitan areas are experiencing increased activity, mainly with sanitation concerns or homeless encampments with abundant food and harborage.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the different types of rodents found in the Reno area and how to control them.

Types of Rats and Mice You May Encounter

  1. Field Mouse -(aka deer mice) are present throughout North America. They favor the outside edge of houses, structures, and automobiles.
  2. Roof Rat – (aka ship rats or black rats) can be seen in the southern and coastal parts of the United States. Although they are frequently found in warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas, they live beneath, inside, and around buildings.
  3. House Mouse – may quickly adapt to their surroundings and are found worldwide. They will adjust to the following nearby location if disturbed during a renovation project.

Can Construction Bring On Mice And Rats?

It is not difficult to comprehend why some individuals believe that remodeling or new construction attracts mice. That seems evident if you hadn’t previously observed a rodent issue in the region and then started seeing rats and mice after the construction began. If rodents like filthy environments with a lot of waste and debris, a building site would make perfect sense.

Unfortunately, mice and rats were always in these locations; they were hiding. Simply put, the construction uprooted their nesting grounds or hiding places and forced them into the open.

How to Make Your Home Rodent Free

Everyone nearby is impacted by construction. Ignoring the noise of scraping shovels, hammering hammers, and other construction-related noise is challenging. It’s more difficult to ignore the issue if nearby development has disturbed a rodent den.

Whether your property is undergoing construction or not, using a natural pest control method is simple if you stick to our do-it-yourself four-step plan:

Clean Up

Remove anything that attracts bugs, including accessible food sources like a dish full of dog food or that sink stuffed with filthy words you forgot to wash.

Seal Up

Around your home, caulk and cover any openings that rats or insects can use to enter, such as cracks, gaps, and holes.

Straighten Up

If you have a couch jammed up against a wall or rows of boxes in storage, take extra precautions because rodents like to hide in small, confined areas.

Pouch Up

Use herbal mouse prevention pouches to surround your home for extra-strong defense.


The number of rodents in Reno, Nevada, has increased dramatically over the past five years due to the construction of new businesses and residential areas. This has caused a huge problem for homeowners because rats and mice are not only pests but disease carriers. You can prevent rodents from invading your home by following the above tips, but if you still find yourself dealing with a rodent problem, contact a professional exterminator immediately.

At HiLow Services, we’re committed to providing the best pest control in Reno, Nevada. Our team of experts is trained in rodent removal and will work hard to help you eliminate those pesky critters for good. Call today to schedule your appointment and take the first steps toward a rodent-free home.